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Montana Center for the Book Prize


The Montana Center for the Book, a program of Humanities Montana, is pleased to announce it is now accepting nominations for the third annual MCB Prize. Nominations will be accepted from May 1 to July 15, 2019.

The Montana Center for the Book Prize recognizes and supports programs that celebrate literature and give people increased access to books and writers. The MCB Prize includes a $1,000 cash award presented to each of up to five Montana-based organizations that offer creative and wide-reaching literary programming. While ongoing programs are eligible for nomination, the Prize is awarded for work already completed, not activities planned for the future. The MCB Prize is not a grant for future use—the cash award may be used for any purpose and no reporting is required. Organizations may nominate themselves for the Prize and Humanities Montana promotes the MCB Prize widely. Prize recipients are chosen by the Montana Center for the Book advisory committee and the Humanities Montana board of directors.

In awarding the MCB Prize, the Montana Center for the Book prioritizes geographic diversity with a special emphasis on organizations that reach rural populations. While programs do not have to be free, low- or no-cost programs are preferred. Examples of prize-worthy activities include mini-festivals, literacy promotion, One Book programs, Little Free Library programs, reading/writing workshops, and, of course, past MCB Prize-winning programs.

How to submit a nomination

Nominations may be up to two pages and should include:

A description of the program being nominated

  • Tell us what, why, where, when, and who. What does the program do? Why was the program created?
  • Where does the program take place? When does the program occur? Who makes the program happen?
  • Who does the program serve? How many people are affected by the program?
  • History of the program.

A description of the organization that presents the program

  • • Include a brief version of the mission statement including the organization’s status (government agency, non-profit, commercial, etc.).
  • Organization structure—number of staff, volunteers, board.

E-mail your Word document to

Questions? Contact Kim Anderson at 406-243-6022.