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Live, Work, Play: How Can Art Bring Us Together?

with Jennifer Bevill

teaching artist and creativity consultant

Bevill uses creativity to lead participants through a discussion focused on essential questions such as, How does change happen? How are we connected or divided? How does where we are shape who we are? Might you, I, and everyone we know have superpowers? This program explores the role art plays in all of our lives today through fun, art-based ice-breakers, dynamic discussion, light art history, and hands-on guided art making. Bevill leads audiences in thinking critically about art and the world. She explores how pieces were made, what was unfolding in the artists’ lives as they worked, and the global context of the art—and how all of this touches our lives today. Participants of all ages and abilities can explore different materials and processes to get a glimpse of what artists feel when they create. This interactive workshop for is appropriate for children, teachers, staff or any community group hoping to deepen relationships and bring more connection and creativity into their lives.