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Blackfeet Language and Stories

with Robert Hall

Blackfeet language instructor and linguistics scholar

Robert Patrick Hall, Maato'ommstatto'osi (First-Winters-Sun) in Blackfeet, is a story teller. He tells old stories that have been passed down generation to generation by the Piikunnii people, also known as The Blackfeet. Through these stories, he gives audiences a taste of how Piikunnii lives once were, how their spirituality and empathy were important, and the joys of humor. He tells the stories in English and Blackfeet, so that the stories can be heard as they were originally spoken before they are understood in English. He teaches people about Blackfeet people while making the audience feel respected and comfortable for being a human being on this land. It is paramount that people leave feeling good because that is why we tell stories: to make one another important.