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Cuban-American Relations

with Brian Kahn

lawyer, author, journalist

Kahn discusses the history of U.S.-Cuban relations from the 1959 revolution to the earthquake in 2014, when presidents of the two nations announced their intention to re-establish diplomatic relations. That has become reality. While Americans can now visit Cuba, and Cubans visit the U.S., it remains a violation of federal law to do almost any kind of business with Cuban firms, or to buy Cuban products. That economic embargo is developing cracks, but fundamentally remains. Major economic changes are unfolding in Cuba. It has a private real estate market, 500,000 jobs moved from government to private payrolls, and a new set of legal small/medium-sized businesses has been announced. In a near-total reversal, almost all Cuban citizens now have the freedom to travel. Brian Kahn leads a discussion about what’s going on with U.S./Cuban relations, and why.