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A Ride Back in Time to the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous Era

with Perri Knize

journalist, teacher

Become immersed in life as it was during the Rendezvous Era, from 1825 to 1840, when trappers of the Rocky Mountains forged trails that American pioneers would later follow. With images and video, Perri Knize recounts her living history horse trek with the American Mountain Men into an authentic modern-day rendezvous. The Rendezvous of the fur trade era was a wild party that drew mountain men and Indians from all corners of the map each summer, to meet a caravan from St. Louis and exchange their beaver pelts for trade goods. Dressed as a woman traveler of the period, Knize tells the story of the Rendezvous and demonstrates her period-correct clothing, tools, horse tack, and equipment. A lively discussion and plenty of time for questions follows.